Performance Analysis – A journey into the unknown

In school the other day, I was set the task to write a report on what Performance Analysis actually is and what the implications are. Well, as I’m good with computer and all that stuff, I thought it to be an easy task. However, I was greatly mistaken.

The thing is, that I’ve been unable to find a proper definition of the term. Performance analysis seems, to me, but be nothing more or less, than a term used to enable a company representative to sound smart and professional, while being nothing of the sort.

Of course this is not actually the case, however it is hard to draw any other conclusion. I have, of course, investigated the subject. In a sense, Performance Analysis means the same as the term Profiling does in software engineering, thus it’s about analyzing the general behavior of a program, how many resources it uses, and so on and so forth.

While this is all well and good, Performance Analysis is not the same term after all, thus I have to assume that there’s more to it, but as already explained, I have so far been unable to figure out what exactly. I could certainly use some help here, and I do hope some someone will be able to enlighten me.

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